– L.L.Bean Mastercard – The American Outdoor clothing and activity equipment brand LL bean offers a credit card in collaboration with the American CitiBank. - L.L.Bean Mastercard – L.L.Bean Mastercard

In this article,you will get to know all about how to activate the LL Bean credit card from the online portal

You will also learn about the benefits of the card and other details.Hence,do not miss out on this and keep on reading.

Benefits and Rewards

The card enables the LL Bean Mastercard card holders to get a 4% cash back on all purchases made at all LL Bean locations.

Purchasers of the LL Bean Mastercard Customers will additionally receive 2% cash back while dining with this Mastercard.

There is also an extra 1% cash back on all purchases made at gas stations with this card.All other purchases that qualify for this promotion.

Will earn you an additional 1% cash back through the LL Bean Mastercard.All of this additionally comes with free shipping on all LL Bean website orders made with the LL Bean Mastercard.

Users of this card can also take advantage of the free monogramming offer given by LL Bean for LL Bean Mastercard users specifically.

The annual charge for the LL Bean Mastercard is zero percent making it quite the hassle free card for customers.

For new LL Bean cardholders, there is an extra advantage of a 15% discount on their first purchase with the card.

These are some of the benefits and rewards that you can get from purchasing and using the LL bean Mastercard. - L.L.Bean Mastercard

How to Activate the LL bean Mastercard?

The LL Bean Mastercard can be activated using mainly two methods –

The first and the easiest method of activation is through the online web page at LL Bean.Simply go to the LL bean activation website at

Once you get to the page,you will come across various boxes where you must put in the details of your own self as well as the newly received card.

In order to activate,you will need to first provide your card number.Them,you need to enter your name as printed on your new LL bean Mastercard.

After that,you need to enter your security code.Next,you must also enter the last 6 digits of your Social Security number to complete this process.

Once you have entered all this information,click on activate and your card will be activated immediately.Now your LL bean Mastercard is ready for use.

The second method of activating your LL bean mastercard is by calling on the card customer service number.In order to activate by phone call,call on the number (866) 484 2614.

Once you do so,you will be connected to a customer service personnel or a tele-prompter.Follow the guidance of the tele-prompter and enter the right details in the right manner carefully.

Once you have entered the details and the verification process is completed,the card will be activated.

Hence these are all the methods you can use and follow in order to activate your LL Bean mastercard.

Rules and Regulations

The purchasers of the LL Bean Mastercard are required to be a minimum of 18 years ad above to be able to get the right of be issued the card.

The card holders must also be the legal residents of the United States of America to be able to get  the LL bean Mastercard.

The card itself is issued by Citibank,but the reward programs are all offered by and are the responsibility of LL bean.

The credit card purchasers must have a goo credit in order to get the card and must not be in a state of bankruptcy.

The bean bucks earned through the reward schemes are not to be transferred in any way.LL bean has the right to change the reward programs at will without any prior notice.

Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the involved card holder.These are some of the terms and conditions of the LL bean Mastercard.

If you want to read the terms and conditions in details,then go to - L.L.Bean Mastercard

About L.L.Bean Mastercard

LL Bean is a clothing and equipment company based in the United States that primarily caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

The company was founded in Maine in 1911 by Leon Leonwood Bean.The company’s initial offering was a pair of hunting shoes.

Today, the brand has grown to include a wide range of unique outdoor compatible clothing and equipment to meet the demands of every adventurous American.

They now have stores all around the United States, as well as Canada and other countries.


The LL bean MAster card comes with a lot of great benefits for all its customer.It is especially beneficial for those who are the regular customers of LL bean.

If you are a regular LL bean Customer,get your LL Bean mastercard today.

L.L.Bean Mastercard FAQs

  • What credit score is required for this credit card?

Answer – A credit score of about 580 and higher is required.

  • Is there any annual fee on this card?

Answer – No.

  • What is the apr rate for balance transfers?

Answer – The apr rate on this card for balance transfers is between 15.24% up to a 24.24%.

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