www.Walmart.Capitalone.com/Activate – Earn 5% Back

www.Walmart.Capitalone.com/Activate - Earn 5% Back

www.Walmart.Capitalone.com/Activate – The Walmart Capital One  rewards card is a Citibank Mastercard that is issued in collaboration with Walmart It can be activated on www.walmartcapitalone.com/activate.

www.Walmart.Capitalone.com/Activate - Earn 5% Back


It allows the card holders to each cash backs and benefits that are redeemable at any Walmart store, or even as cash.

Here is a concise description of the benefits of the card and the activation process.

Benefits and Rewards

The Capital One card provides the card holder with a 5% cash back on the Walmart website. This includes pick-up and delivery as well.

5% cash back is available for the first 12 months at Walmart stores if the card is linked to the customer’s Walmart Pay account.

There is also 2% cash back at Walmart Stores, travel and dining. There is an additional 1% cash back at all places where Mastercard is accepted.

The rewards can be redeemed as statement credit.  Rewards can also be redeemed for any purchases made with the card.

They can be redeemed as Walmart gift cards as well. Rewards are also redeemable on travel purchases made with  the Walmart Capital One card.

The points do not have an expiration date. There is no annual fee or fraud purchase liability fee. These are some of the benefits on the card.

www.Walmart.Capitalone.com/Activate - Earn 5% Back

How to Activate

The Walmart Capital One Card can be activated both through phone call and online.

For phone activation, one needs the calling number provided on the sticker that the card arrives in. Then.

call customer service on 1-877-362-5952, and they will direct you further as to how to activate the card.

For online activation, first an online account needs to be made on  www.walmart.capitalone.com . Then the card number needs to be entered, followed by the security code.

After that, enter your social security(SSN) number. Then, enter your date of birth, and find your account.

Click on the register button. This is how the card can be activated online. The online method will also give one access to view their card balance and status.

Rules and Regulations

The customer must be at least 18 years of age to be able to avail this card. They must also be the legal residents of the 50 United States, Washington D.C , Puerto Rico or a U.S Military location.

Customers cannot apply for this card if they live at a correctional institution. They cannot get this card if they have unresolved bankruptcy.

They also cannot be issued this card if they have tried to apply for this card twice within the same month.

They also cannot have  a Capital One Card charged off within the previous year. One cannot apply if their monthly income does not exceed their mortgage dues by at least 425$.

There is also a limitation for those who already have a Walmart Capital One Card due or are over the  credit line on it. These are the rules and regulations.

About Walmart Activate

This card is made in collaboration by Walmart and Citibank. Walmart is a renowned grocery store located in the United States of America.

It provides affordable products fro American households.Today a very well known name, Walmart  started out as a small store in Roger, Ark.

Today it has over 10000 stores across the expanse of America and globally. Walmart is dedicated towards providing essential items at affordable prices.

www.Walmart.Capitalone.com/Activate - Earn 5% Back


The Walmart Capital One card is an excellent card choice for the regular customers who shop at the Walmart store or website.

There are some extremele attractive cash back offers, letting customers get a good deal on their purchases.

This card is extremely useful, considering a lot of people shop at Walmart. Moreover, it definitely benefits the customers.

As daily essentials are something one needs regularly, making this a good offer. Get your Walmart Capital One card today by visiting www.walmartcapitalone.com/activate.

Walmart Activate FAQs

  • Can the cash back be redeemed as cash?

Answer – Yes, you can redeem the cash back as credit statement.

  • How is this different from the other Walmart Card?

Answer – This card can be used anywhere where Mastercard is accepted.

  • How long does the activation process take?

Answer – The activation happens immediately after following the steps.

Activate.Syw.Accountonline.com – Shop Your Way

Activate.Syw.Accountonline.com – Shop Your Way

Activate.Syw.Accountonline.com – Shop Your Way card can be activated from the  activate.syw.accountonline.com website. It is a venture by Citibank and the stores Sears and Kmart.

Activate.Syw.Accountonline.com – Shop Your Way

Activate.Syw.Accountonline.com – Shop Your Way

This cards comes with a lot of benefits, that have been explained below. Here is a brief description of the benefits of this card and the activation process.

Benefits and Rewards

First of all, there is no such annual fee on the card. Spending on the card at different stores gives one points on the card.

Spending at certain gas stations can get you 5% Shop Your Way points.  3% Shop Your Way points are received on grocery and restaurant purchases.

2% points can be received on purchase from Sears or Kmart. About 1% can be received on all other purchases.

For new purchasers, spending above 50$ within the period of 30 days after activation of the Shop Your Way card can give the card holder 40$ of statement credit.

How to activate the Shop Your Way Card

The Shop Your Way card can be activated both online and through phone calls. For online activation, one needs to first visit the www.activate.syw.accountonline.com.

Then, one needs to put in one’s card details such as the card number as well as the name of the card holder as there on the card.

After that, the security code needs to be entered. This is followed by entering the last four digits of the customer’s social security number.

Once the activation is complete, the user will receive a notification of the activation.

For activation through phone call, call on the number  1-877-816-9063. This will connect the user to customer service who will further assist in the card activation.

The user must provide their details to the customer service personnel. The card will take about 2-3 hours.

To activate if activation is done through phone call. The user will once again, be notified once the card activation is complete.

Activate.Syw.Accountonline.com – Shop Your Way

Rules and Regulations

The customer must be of at least 18 years of age to be able to receive and activate a Shop Your Way card.

The customer must also be a citizen of the United States in order to avail this service. The points availed on the card can only be used at Sears or Kmart, Lands End stores and the Shop.

Your Way website. The points on the card expire within a year. During certain periods of the year, more offers are available.

Anywhere between 1-24% points can be redeemed from those. However, those points expire faster than regular points, within a time period of 45 days.

About The Shop Your Way Mastercard

Shop Your Way is a venture by Citibank and Sears and Kmart. It is a free shopping social reward system that provides one with reward points on select items.

At certain rates that can be used at the said stores. People who own the Shop Your Way card will be privy to special sales and discounts that can only be availed by them.


The Shop Your Way card is an excellent choice for someone who is a regular customer at Sears and Kmart. It has a lot of benefits, and is light on the pocket.

However, the offers on  it are limited. However, people who visit the gas station frequently, or dine out regularly and also shop at Kmart and Sears would benefit heavily from this card.

Despite its limitation, it is a cost effective social card reward system that could help many avail a good price and great offers on purchases at these particular stores.

Activate your Shop Your Way Mastercard today following the above guidelines and get great offers and discounts at Sears and Kmart.

For further information on this topic, visit the  www.activate.syw.accountonline.com website now.

Activate.Syw.Accountonline.com – Shop Your Way


Shop Your Way FAQs

  • What is the annual fees for the Shop Your Way Card?

Answer – There is no annual fee on the Shop Your Way Card.

  • Where can I use these card points?

Answer – These card Points can be used at Sears, Kmart, Land End Stores and the shop your way website.

  • Can the activation only be done online?

Answer – The card can be activated through phone call. Call  1-877-816-9063 to activate your Shop Your Way card through a phone call.