– PINK Credit Card Activation – The American Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret offers a few credit cards in collaboration with the American Bank Comenity. - PINK Credit Card Activation – PINK Credit Card Activation

In this article,you will learn all about the process of the Victoria’s Secret card activation on the card activation website .

Benefits and Rewards of the Victoria’s Secret Card

In the Victoria’s Secret credit card schemes there are mainly provisions for three kinds of cards:The basic Victoria’s Secret card member,the Silver card member and the gold card member.

The Card members of the Victoria’s secret credit card get about 5% cash back in rewards.Each dollar spent on the card makes about 10 points.

The card members also earn more points on buying bras.The points on buying bras get multiplied 3 times.Each 2000 points can be converted to about $10 in statement credit.

The card members get about $15 on their new card made at either Victoria’s Secret or Pink.

They also get free shipping on all orders above $50 made on the Victoria’s Secret or Pink website using the Victoria’s Secret card.

The cardholders of this card also get exclusive access to sales,prices and discounts that other normal customers do not get.

The holders of this card also get a special birthday gift worth $10 on making  a purchase with the card around the time of the customer’s birthday.

On spending about $250 in a year in purchase at Victoria’s Secret,the regular card members get upgraded to the Silver card member status.

The Victoria’s Secret silver card members get 5% back on purchases.They also get about 10 points on every $1 spent on the card.2000 points then can be converted to $10 as statement credit.

The silver card members too get 3 times more points on buying bras.The silver card members get free shipping on purchases made at over $50 online at Victoria’s Secret or Pink.

Silver card members get exclusive access to sales,discounts and events as well.The silver card members also get a birthday gift worth $10.

The silver card members additionally get a half-birthday treat,half way before one’s birthday that is worth $10.

The silver card members get about 15% off as a special offer during the card’s anniversary.

On spending $500 on the card in a year,a card member is upgraded to gold status.Gold card members get about 7.5% back in rewards on all their purchases.

Every $1 gets converted to 15 points,and 2000 points an be converted back to $10.These card members also get 3 times in rewards on buying bras.

The gold card members get free shipping on orders above $50.They too get access to exclusive sales discounts and offers and a birthday gift that is worth $15 on their birthday.

The Gold card members get a half birthday gift mid way to their birthday that is worth $15.They also get a 20% reward offer during the card anniversary period.

These are roughly the rewards and benefits on the various stages of the Victoria’s Secret credit card. - PINK Credit Card Activation

How to activate the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

You can activate the Victoria’s Secret card either online or through the help of a phone call.

In order to be able to activate your credit card online,the first thing you ,must do is go to the Victoria’s secret credit card activation page on

Once you do that,you need to enter the details of you and your card.First,you need to enter your card number.

Then,you need to enter the expiry date and more into the boxes provided.Then,enter your social security number and your insurance number as well.

After that,enter the last 4 digits of your Social security.Right at the end,enter your zip code.Once you have put in all the details correctly,click on next.

Once you click on next,your card will be activated immediately.

In order to activate your credit card via a phone call,call on the number 1-877-563-6880 or the number 1-800-695-1788.

Once you call on these numbers,you will be connected to a tele-prompter.The tele-prompter will guide you to enter.

the relevant information required to activate your Victoria’s Secret credit card.Answer those and your credit card will be activated.

These are the methods through which you can activate your Victoria’s Secret credit card.

Rules and Regulations

There is no annual fee on the Victoria’s Secret  card.The apr rate for the card is about 24.99%.The minimum interest fee is about $2 and no less.

The card holders must meet the Comenity Bank eligibility criteria,or else Comenity Bank can revoke the card without notice any time.

This is just a brief glimpse at the terms and conditions of the Victoria’s Secret card.To read the terms in full,visit

About Victoria’s Secret Activate

You might know Victoria’s Secret from their extremely high profile yearly fashion shows including famous supermodels running on the ramp in their newest lingerie collections.

Victoria’s Secret is an American lingerie brand that is quite well known.The brand was founded in the year in the year 1977.

By Roy and Gaye Raymond in Palo Alto located in California.Today,Victoria’s Secret has about 775 stores all over the United States as well as Canada.


The Victoria’s Secret credit cards come with a lot of benefits,that keep on increasing with the increase in.

The amount of purchase made on the card per year.This is a great card for all those people who shop regularly at  Victoria’s Secret. - PINK Credit Card Activation

Victoria’s Secret Activate FAQs

  • What is the annual fee?

Answer – There is no annual fee.

  • Do I need to apply for the Gold and Silver card separately?

Answer – No,your card will get upgraded automatically on spending $250 in one year to Silver and $500 in one year to Gold.

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