– Activating Your New Card Online – The American airline company Jet Blue Airlines offers a special credit card in collaboration with the British bank Barclays. - Activating Your New Card Online

In this article you will get to see the details of the rewards and benefits that the card offers as well as.

the steps to the process of the Jet Blue Mastercard activation. Stay tuned and keep reading to know more.

Benefits and Rewards

The card holders of the Jet  Blue Mastercard get lots of rewards. The first reward is that the Jet Blue Master card holder will earn 10,000 extra points on an expenditure.

At jet Blue of $1000 within the first 90 days of the card being issued. There is also the reward of getting 3 times more points on certain purchases with the Jet blue card.

There will be a 2X multiplication of points of usage of the card on dining, and certain grocery stores  and 1 times the points on certain other eligible purchases with the card.

The card holders will save about 50% on buying food and cocktails on Jet Blue flights. There is also no fees on foreign transactions.

The card also comes with additional benefits. One can pool points on this card to use them for later. These points that are pooled do not expire ever.

There is no extra charges for fraud liability whatsoever. The points can be used to get any seat on any Jet Blue flight at any point of time.

There is a chip technology in the card, making it more safe for payments and useful in payments where chip is required.

There are also no black out days for the Jet Blue Credit card. There is no annual fees on the Jet Blue Mastercard.

Hence one does not need to deal with the hassle of paying that. These are the details of the rewards and benefits on the Jet Blue Mastercard. - Activating Your New Card Online

How To Activate The Jet Blue Mastercard

The Jet Blue Mastercard can be activated through the Barclays USA app or through their online website portal.

First one needs to download the app from either Google Play Store or the Apple app store depending on their phone’s software orientation.

Other than that, one can visit their activation website page . If you already have an account.

Then go ahead and click on the option of existing card member. Then, one needs to simply login into the account using their details.

After that, one needs to enter a few more additional details, and then the card will get activated. If you do not have a pre-existing account then one needs to choose the option of activate my card.

After selecting that option, the page will ask for some details. After entering those details, press continue, and the card will immediately be activated.

Rules and Regulations

The customer of this card must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for its ownership. They must also be a citizen of the United States to continue.

There is only an exception in the case of US territories. One cannot get this card if they already have been issued one before.

The customer must also provide valid personal details that are verifiable to attain this card. They must also have a good credit score to qualify for it.

About Jet Blue Airways Activate

Jet Blue Airways is an American Airline company based in New York. The company cane into existence in the year 1998.

Ever since then, it has grown today to providing 925 flights daily to the people of the United States. - Activating Your New Card Online


The Jet Blue Airways Mastercard is a card made by Jet Blue Airways in collaboration with Barclays bank.

It comes with a lot of attractive rewards and benefits that would be of interest to people who travel frequently by air and especially by Jet Blue Airlines.

Jet Blue Airways Activate FAQs

  • Where can these points be used?

Answer – The card points can be used for buying flight tickets, seats food and more and also for up-gradations and more.

  • Can the points be transferred to money?

Answer – No, the points can only be used for Jet Blue Airways purchases.

  • What is the minimum  credit score to get  this card? 

Answer – A minimum credit score of 700 is required.

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