– Activate Scotia Line of Credit – The Canadian bank Nova Scotia Bank,also known as the Scotia Bank is offers a great number of credit cards for  its customer.In this article. - Activate Scotia Line of Credit – Activate Scotia Line of Credit

You will be able to learn how to activate these credit cards on the card activation page

You will also learn about more of the details of the card.Keep on reading to know all about the Scotia Bank Credit cards.

Benefits and Rewards of the Scotia Bank Credit Cards

The Scotia Bank offers a total of 16 credit cards of different cards for its variety of customers.I will be discussing.

Here the 3 featured cards in this section in order to give you a glimpse at the kind of credit cards that the Nova Scotia Bank offers.

The first card is called the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card.The holders of this card will receive a 10% cash back on all purchases for the first three months up to an amount of $3000.

There also an introductory slashing of the annual fee for the first year.The card holders also get 4% cash back on purchases at Netflix and TruLocal and also on groceries per $1.

There is also a 2% cash back per dollar on gas and daily transit purchases as well as on Uber.The card holders get an additional 1% back on all other purchases.

There is also available a concierge service for the card holders,a choice of hotels where the card holders can avail offers and also invitation to special Wining and Dining events.

The second card of this list is the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card.The holders of this card receive up to 350000 Scene+ point,that amounts to $350 in total.

The card holders receive twice the amount of scene pints per $1 on purchases on groceries,entertainment,dining and more.

There is an additional 1 times the scene points on all other eligible purchases.There is also no foreign transaction fees.

The card holders also receive access to 6 lounges at airports and easy booking and redeeming of the scene+ points on the next travel plans.

The last and the third card on this list is the Scotiabank Gold American Express card.Holders of this card receive 45000 scene+points.

That is almost $450 on travel for the 1st year of getting this card.The card holders will receive 5 times more scene+ points on groceries.

Entertainment and more.There is 3 times the  points on travel and also streaming services.There is 1 times the scene point son all other purchases.

These are some of the benefits and rewards of the 3 featured credit cards.Scotia Bank has much more to offer,and u can know about that by going through the credit card options carefully. - Activate Scotia Line of Credit

How to Activate the Scotia Bank Credit Card?

There are mainly 2 ways of activating the Nova Scotia Credit cards.

The first method of activating the Nova Scotia Credit card is through online activation.In order to activate online.

you need to go to the Scotia Bank card activation page on you get there.

You will need to enter a few of your card and personal details in order to go through he verification process needed to activate a credit card.

In order to activate the card you will require the full card number,your name as printed on the card.

Your Social security number,pin code and more.carefully enter the right information in the right place to activate your Scotiabank credit card.

The second way of activating your Scotiabank credit cards is using the means of a phone call.In order to use this method,call on the number 1 800 806 8600.

Once you call this number,you will be connected to the bank card activation customer service number.You will be conncted to a tele-prompter,that will guide you through.

the entire activation process.Simply follow the guidance of the tele-prompter and provide all the necessary details.

Once you go through with this process,the Scotiabank credit card will be activated.

Rules and Regulations for the Scotia Bank Credit Cards

There are in total 16 credit cards that Scotiabank issues.In order to learn more about the terms and conditions of the cards,simply go through the terms and conditions of each individual cards.

as they are different for all.You can visit a general terms and conditions pdf  on the following website page:

About Scotia bank Activate

Scotia bank or Nova Scotia Bank is a Canadian multinational bank that offers a variety of banking and financial services in many countries.It was founded in the year 1832 in Halifax located in Nova Scotia.


Scotiabank offers a great deal in a lot of its credit card options and has  good customer service.The activation process is also fairly simple for the credit cards. - Activate Scotia Line of Credit

Scotia bank Activate FAQs

  • Are there cards with no annual fee?

Answer – Yes,some cards have no annual fee applicable.

  • What is the general credit score required in order to be issued a Scotiabank Credit card? 

Answer – A credit score of 650 and higher is required in order to get a Scotiabank credit card.

  • What is the bank customer service number?

Answer – You can reach Scotiabank credit card customer care on the number 1 800 387 6466.

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