Card – Personal Debit Cards Card – The Suntrust Credit cards are offered by the Suntrust Bank of America,which falls under the Truist Corporation.In this article you will learn all about. Card - Personal Debit Cards Card – Personal Debit Cards

the Suntrust credit card activation from the activation page card .You will also.

Get to know about the other features of the credit cards and more.Hence,without any further delay,lets dive right in.

Benefits and Rewards of the Suntrust Credit Card

There are mainly 2 kinds of Suntrust credit cards that can be availed –

The first card is called the Suntrust Cash Rewards credit card.Customers of this card get about 5% back in cash on purchases made at Gas stations.

shopping and more on spending about $6000 and above in these categories within the first 12 months of getting th card.

The cash back returns will then go down to 2% on gas,groceries and shopping purchases after those 12 months.

There is also an additional 1% unlimited cash back on all other purchases there after.There is also an introductory 0% apr rate for the very first 15 months of getting the card.

There is also a 10% or 20% or up to a 50% loyalty cash back depending on the deposits of the card holder.

There is also a free monthly access to the FICO scores of the card holder and also no annual fee.

There is also no foreign transaction fee applicable on this card.These are the benefits of this card.

The second card on this list is called the Suntrust Travel Rewards Elite Mastercard Credit card.The holders of this card.

Get $250 back as statement credit on spending $3000 within the first 3 months of getting the card.There is a 3% cash back that is unlimited on travel purchases.

There is also a 2% cash back that is unlimited on dining purchases made with this card.There is  an additional 1% cash back on all other purchases made with.

The Suntrust Travel Rewards Elite Mastercard credit card.This card too has available on its purchase an introductory apr rate of 0 for the first 15 months after the account has been opened.

The holders of this card also get travel perks with access to almost 1000 airport lounges if they own this card.There is also no transaction fee on this card for foreign transactions.

There is also no annual fee for the 1st year .There is also a Global entry TSA fee check.The card holders will get $100 back in statement credit as reimbursements for the fee they paid.

These are the benefits and rewards on the Suntrust Credit cards offered by the Truist Corporation. Card - Personal Debit Cards

How to activate the Suntrust Credit Cards?

In order to activate the Suntrust credit cards,you can use 2 methods,that is the online method and the phone method.

To activate your Suntrust Credit Card online,you need to simply go to the activation website first at card.

Then you need to first login to your account or make a new account.Once you have done that,look for the activate card option.

Once you find and click that option,you will be asked to enter a few details such as your credit card number,your name on the credit card,zip code,social security number and more.

Follow carefully the prompts on the screen.Once you are done with this process,the activation will be done.Now you can use your cards to make payments.

In order to activate the Suntrust credit cards by phone you need to call on the number 866 432 2276.Once you call on that number.

You will be connected either with a customer service person or the tele-prompter.Just follow the guidance of whichever.

one you connect to carefully and provide the same details as the ones in the online method.Once this process is done,your card will be activated and ready for use.

These are the methods which you can follow to activate your Suntrust Credit Cards.

Rules and Regulations of the Suntrust Credit Cards

The rules and regulations for the two cards Suntrust cash rewards credit card and the Suntrust Travel Rewards elite mastercard credit card differ slightly from each other.

About Suntrust Activate Card

Suntrust Bank used to be an American Bank holding company.However,as of the year 2019,the company became a part of.

Truist Corporation,where it still has its own name independently,but its workings are merged with all other Truist Corporation Banks.


The Suntrust credit cards come with some great benefits and introductory offers for the purchasers of the card.

Take a look at the details of the cards and get the Suntrust credit card that you need today. Card - Personal Debit Cards

Suntrust Activate Card FAQs

  • How much time dose the 0 apr rate last for?

Answer – About 15 months.

  • Is there no annual fee? 

Answer – There is no annual fee only for some time,after which annual fee will be applicable for the Travel Card.For the Cash rewards card,there is no annual fee.

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