www.Cabelas.com/Activate – Activate Your CLUB Credit Card

www.Cabelas.com/Activate – The outdoor fishing and hunting equipment store brand Cabela’s offers a Mastercard in collaboration with Capital One.

www.Cabelas.com/Activate - Activate Your CLUB Credit Card


The card can be activated at www.cabelas.com/activate. Here are the details of the rewards and benefits on the  card and the process of its activation.

Benefits and Rewards

The card holders of the CAbela’s card will  all receive 2% cash backs on any purchases at the Cabela’s and Bass Pro shops.

The card holders will also be privy to receiving 1% cash back on any purchase at any place that accepts Mastercard payments.

There is absolutely no annual fee applicable to avail the Cabela’s Credit Card. There is also no applicable foreign transaction fee.

Additionally , Cabela’s Mastercard  card holders get exclusive discounts at all the Cabela’s stores.

There are also further  rewards on each purchase for  Silver and Black level CLUB members availing this card.

The card holders will also get exclusive  invitations to special fishing and hunting events.

There is also 0% APR for the first 12 months, provided that the customer spends a minimum of $500 on the CAbela’s card.

How to Activate

To activate the Cabela’s  Mastercard, one needs to first go to www.cabelas.com/activate website. Then, one can login using the username and password.

If you do not have an online account, make an account first on the website following the directions given on the website page.

This will lead to activation of the Cabela’s card. To activate the Cabela’s card using a phone call, one needs to call on the number 1 800 300 5984.

This will connect the customer to customer care, who will ask for a few details for the activation of the card to commence.

These are the methods to activate the Cabela’s Mastercard. Hurry and get your Cabela’s Card today.

www.Cabelas.com/Activate - Activate Your CLUB Credit Card

Rules and Regulations

To be able to get the card, the customer should be a minimum of and not less than at least 18 years of age.

The customer should also have a credit score of at least 700 to be able to receive the Cabela’s Mastercard.

One must also have a valid social security number to avail the card. You must also be a legal resident of the 50 United States.

Washington D.C or the US Military zone to be able to purchase this card.  One’s legal address can also not be a correctional institution if one wants to obtain the Cabela’s Mastercard.

These are some of the rules and regulations in order to get the Cabela’s  Credit Card.

About Cabela’s Activate

Cabela’s was founded in 1961 by  Dick Cabela. It started out as a catalog business providing shipping services of outdoor equipment.

Eventually the brand grew to be what it is today. In the year 2017, Cabela’s joined with Bass Pro to become joint.

Today the two brands combined own about 200 stores across the expanse of the United States with a commendable sized  customer base.

They are also dedicated towards environmental conservation.


Cabela’s credit card is especially great for those who hate giving annual fees on their cards. Moreover, it is mainly a card for those who like to strategize how to earn points and credit.

The card has some limitations. It is mostly for those with a good credit score and the rewards are more beneficial for the Silver and Black CArd members of the CLUB.

If you think you match these conditions, and are a regular customer at Cabela’s, then go ahead and purchase the Cabela’s Mastercard today from www.cabelas.com/activate.

www.Cabelas.com/Activate - Activate Your CLUB Credit Card

Cabela’s Activate FAQs

  • Is there a 0% APR for the first 12 months?

Answer – Yes.However, one must spend at least $500 to avail this offer.

  • Can I redeem the points as cash?

Answer – No you cannot do that.

  • Can I use the points at any other store?

Answer – No, you can redeem the points only at the Cabela’s or Bass Pro stores.

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